Output for one layer painting

8-10 m²/l


available capacities: 10 l


Dispersive paint for façades.


HETTA AKRYL F paint is applied for decorative and protective painting, outside painting of smooth walls, limestone-cement plasters, cement and smooth concrete.

Application parameters
– excellent adhesion to the mineral substrate,
– high force of covering,
– friendly for surrounding and environment,
– resistant to abrasion,
– permeable for water vapour ensures “breathing” of the walls,
– resistant to atmospheric agents including UV radiation.


1. Substrate preparation
The surface for painting should be: dry, clean, dusted and without cracks. Any remains of the glue paints should be carefully removed using water with some cleaning agent until the plaster can be seen. Old coatings of the emulsion paints that are clearly scaling should be removed, and the surfaces cleaned using water with some cleaning agent. Appropriately dried, fresh plasters, highly absorbent and lightly set substrates should be grounded with a grounding and reinforcing agent HETTA GRUNT F. Defects or cracks of the painted surface should be refilled using cement-limestone mortar.

2. Painting
Thoroughly mix the paint before applying. Recommended number of layers 1-2. It is allowed when necessary to apply the first coat of paint diluted with water of max. 5% of weight, which ensures better adherence to the substrate. The second layer should be applied at least after 4 hours of applying the first one, that is after it has dried. Dilution of paint is not recommended when painting the second layer. After each painting work is finished, the tools should be carefully cleaned with water.

3. Temperature
Paint when the air and substrate temperature is not lower than 5°C, and the relative humidity is below 65%.

4. Output
The output for one layer painting is 8-10 m²/l.

Product has PZH attestation.