Output for one layer painting

8-10 m²/l


available capacities: 10 l


Dispersive paint for interiors.


HETTA ECON W paint is dedicated for decorative and protecting painting of smooth walls, interior ceilings of rooms made of cement and cement-limestone plasters, concrete, gypsum, chipboards and gypsum-carton boards.

Application parameters
– easy to apply,
– high coverage,
– warm white fits with other colours,
– good adherence to the substrate,
– works perfectly with colours,
– breathing coating,
– friendly for surrounding and environment.


1. Substrate preparation
The surface for painting should be: dry, clean, dusted and without cracks. Any remains of the glue paints should be carefully removed and the substrate cleaned with water. Surfaces painted with dispersive paints should be degreased by using water with some cleaning agent. Fresh, dried and seasoned plasters and highly water-absorbent substrates (gypsum plasterboard, gypsum-carton boards and first painted substrates) should be grounded with HETTA GRUNT W. Possible roughness and defects should be refilled with painter’s putty or plaster mortar. Fresh plasters should be painted after six weeks from the date they have been applied.

2. Painting
Paint should be mixed well. Recommended number of layers 1-2 depending on the substrate. The second layer should be applied after around 4 hours of applying the first one (after drying). After finishing the works, painting tools should be carefully cleaned using water.

3. Temperature
Paint should be applied to ambient temperature and substrate not lower than 10°C and not higher than 30°C.

4. Output
The output for one layer painting is 8-10 m²/l.

Product has PZH attestation.