Output for double layer painting

2-2,5 m²/l


available capacities: 10 l


Thermoreflective paint for façades.

Decorates the façade and improves the thermal balance of the building.


Ready to use, water-diluted paint dedicated to the decorative and protective painting of almost all substrates on the outside of buildings.

HETTA TERMO F The unique composition of the product improves the energy balance of the building by reflecting the radiation from the painted surface. Apart from the insulation properties, the coating provides insulation and reflective properties that influence the durability of façades in low temperatures and refills the microcracks in the coating.

Comprehensive painting with the HETTA TERMO line products allows obtaining saving in energy consumption of around 30%.

Application parameters:
> Reduces the influence of solar radiation of uncontrolled heating of the building.
> Limits the water absorption by the façade during rainfalls.
> Provides a better residual exchange of water vapour from the façade.
> Protects against micro cracks in the surface of façade.
> Makes it difficult for algae and dirt to develop on the surface.
> Can be applied on the surfaces such as:
– acrylic, cement-lime plasters,
– mineral façades,
– metal constructions.

Recommended application:
> façades of residential buildings: detached houses and blocks of flats
> façades of buildings under architectural monuments protection, in case of which the application of other thermal insulation solutions (styrofoam, mineral wool) is not included in the maintenance criteria for historical urban values (tenements, church buildings, historical buildings of general interest, others)
> façades of public buildings
> all kinds of internal façades


1. Substrate preparation
The substrate needs to be cleaned of dust, dirt, residues of other coatings, cracks, then the defects should be refilled, and the substrate should be grounded with HETTA GRUNT F.

2. Painting
When the grounding agent is dried, the paint should be thoroughly mixed and applied on the walls twice by using a roller or a brush that remain the least amount of structure of the painted surface. After the first layer has dried (approx.: 6 h), another one should be applied. Recommended thickness of the layer is 0.35-0.40 mm. Complete drying depends on the temperature.

3. Temperature
Application of HETTA TERMO F, to obtain the best coating, is recommended at a temperature from +15 to +25°C.
Product sensitive to low temperatures, store at a temperature from +5°C to +25°C in a place away from sunlight.

4. Output
Output for double layer painting is 2-2.5 m²/l.

5. Colours
Basic HETTA THERMO F colour is white. It can be coloured with the available colouring pastes based on oxide pigments resistant to UV.



HETTA TERMO F creates on the painted surface a screen, which reflects the radiation, at the same time allowing the wall to breathe, and thanks to its structure, it drains the moisture from the wall.
The phenomenon itself can be compared to “sucking” the moisture out from the wall, which is crucial when renovating buildings that are architecturally protected. Thanks to that, the walls coated with HETTA TERMO F are dry, which translates into their better insulation properties. That, in turn, translates into saving the energy spent on heating or cooling the building. Similarly to the interior paint, HETTA TERMO W stabilises the temperature on the wall, protecting the external façade against the tensions related to its travels, and in consequence against the cracks, thus providing strong colour for years.