Output for double layer painting

3-4 m²/l


available capacities: 3 l, 10 l

Product is friendly
to people with allergies.


Thermoreflective paint for interiors.

Covers with heat evenly protect against the development of mould and bacteria.


Dispersive, water-diluted paint for the decorative and protective painting of walls, ceilings on the inside of buildings, improving the thermal insulation properties of the heated room.

Thanks to the presence of microspheres, it creates coatings able to breathe and reflect the heat from the walls towards the inside of the room, which influences the increase in temperature inside the room 3-5°C, remaining unchanged all heating parameters.

HETTA TERMO W creates on the painted surface a screen, which reflects the radiation, and thanks to the even distribution of heat, it stabilises the moisture on every height of the room, compared to traditional painting finishes that create a coating on walls and ceiling that have an only aesthetic function. HETTA TERMO W is a matt paint that can be coloured on all kinds of colours, and its structure allows for the primarily aesthetic finish. It creates the very flexible coating, which corrects minor micro cracks on the wall and ceiling surface, which additionally improves the aesthetic values.

Recommended application:
> walls and ceilings on the inside of residential and public buildings
> bathrooms and kitchens
> swimming pools and saunas
> large warehouse spaces


1. Substrate preparation
The substrate needs to be cleaned of dust, dirt, residues of other coatings, cracks, then the defects should be refilled, and the substrate should be grounded with HETTA GRUNT W

2. Malowanie
When the grounding agent is dried, the paint should be thoroughly mixed and applied on the walls twice by using a roller. Optimal layer thickness is min.: 0.25 mm. After the first coat has dried (approx.: 2-3 h), another one should be applied. Complete drying depends on the temperature.

3. Temperature
Application of HETTA TERMO W is possible in temperature scope between 5-35°C.
The most favourable conditions for obtaining the highest quality thermoreflective coating are a temperature between 15-30°C and air humidity of approx. 65%

4. Output
Output for one layer of paint is 8 m²/l, and for two layers of pain is 3-4 m²/l.

5. Colours
Basic HETTA THERMO colour is white. It can be coloured with colouring pastes to all kinds of colours.



In normal conditions, the air surrounding the heater is heated and begins to raise, at the same time losing the heat, and when it is cooled, it goes down. Uneven distribution of heat in air masses movements results in shifts of dust, saprophytes and pollens, and as a result of convection, the temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling is on average 4°C.

In rooms painted with HETTA TERMO W, the heat movement is conducted evenly, thanks to reflecting from the walls and ceiling in all directions. The heating system is more homogenous, and the maximal temperature difference is 1.5°C. No differences in temperature eliminate the air circulation, thanks to which there is no migration of dust and dirt, which contributes to better comfort for people with allergies. The water vapour anti-oxidation process on the so-called thermal bridges eliminates the creation of mould and other bacteria on the walls, especially in exposed rooms such as kitchen or bathroom.