Output for one layer painting

8-10 m²/l


available capacities: 1 l, 5 l


Product is friendly
to people with allergies.


Universal protection 3in1.


HETTA VINYLAN S is a water-diluter acrylic paint dedicated to the decorative and protective painting of
– absorbent concrete and cement-limestone surfaces including concrete fences and concrete accessories; concrete floors in storage, manufacturing, garages spaces as well as cellars, paving stones and concrete pavements, soundproofing concrete screens, roofing (eternit, tile);
– external façades, on cement, cement-limestone and polymer-cement substrates, residential, industrial and historic buildings;
– interior painting of rooms with a wide spectrum of uses (production, utility, farming);
– plasters: cement-limestone, polymer-cement, cement-free (acrylic plaster) and their renovation;
– objects of wood and wood-like materials;
– galvanized metal sheets and other galvanized products.

Application parameters
– very good adhesion to porous, absorbent mineral substrates (cement, cement and limestone) and wood,
– good adhesion to galvanised metal sheets and other related products,
– coating exhibits good barrier properties for concrete – it prevents carbonation and has good water resistance,
– paint layer has good abrasion resistance and the required chemical resistance to such components as mineral oil, petrol, inorganic salt solutions, including mainly chlorides,
– the coating has good weather resistance (acid rain, alkali, fumes, the sun).
– coating exhibits the required vapour permeability, thus providing the so-called “breathing” of the wall, substrate.
– paint is available in 6 basic colours and other colours on request,
– works perfectly with colours,
– friendly for surrounding and environment.


1. Substrate preparation
The substrate should be strong, dry, free of dust and grease. The paint should be applied twice using a brush, roller or spray. For old substrates and especially mineral ones, it is advisable to pre-impregnate them with grounding agent HETTA GRUNT F then, after thoroughly drying the primer, paint twice with HETTA VINYLAN S due to the required thickness of the coating (90-120μ). Any unevenness and cracking of the painted substrates should be supplemented with a mortar or cement-limestone mortar before painting. Surfaces previously painted with emulsion paints should be degreased by using water and cleaning agents.

2. Painting
Highly sensitive areas (concrete floors, paving stones, pavements) are recommended to be painted two or three times. Within 2-3 hours after applying the paint, the surfaces should be protected from the rain and intense sunlight.

3. Temperature
Painting works should be conducted at ambient temperature, but not lower than +5°C and not higher than +30°C.

4. Output
The output for one layer painting is 8-10 m²/l.

Product has PZH attestation.